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Lady Gaga

Dom Perignon Commercial​

Photographer/Direction: Nick Knight

Stylist: Nicola Formichetti & Marta Del Rio

Makeup Artist: Sarah Tanno

Hair Stylist: Frederic Aspiras

Nails: Miho Okawara


Video Link

Vogue Link 




Vogue Italia


Karen Elson wearing Elizabethan Collars

Photographers: Luigi and Iango

Stylist: Patty Wilson

Makeup Artist: Erin Parsons 




Harpers Bazaar Serbia

Gorgana Manojlovic wearing Fall-Winter Gloves

Photographer: Milos Nadazdin


Vogue Italia


Aweng wearing Black and Clear Elizabethan Collars

Photographer: Erika Astrid

Stylist: Raytell Bridges

Makeup Artist: Yuko Kawashima

Hair Stylist: Luisa Popovic 




elizabethan jester

World of Wearable Art Winner


Photo Courtesy of WOW

Story Link



VGXW Magazine

Cover Story


Model: Lily Gatins

 Makeup Artist: Josephine Kong

Photographer: Jose Espaillat



Katy Parry's

Video Looks


Futuristic Track Suit for "Chained to the Rhythm"

Stylist: B. Akerlund 

 Story LINK


Superior Magazine

Cover Story


Model: Marsha Larose

MUA: Shawn Lumaban

Hair Artist: JagHed

Photographer: Jose Espaillat


Nicola FormichetTi

Showing Fashion in a New Way

Featuring Red Hat, Silver Corset and Cage Mask


Video LINK




Nicola FormichetTi

Rina Sawayama: Fashion Transformation

Featuring Neon Headpiece, Multi-Color Corset


Video LINK




2019 TDF/Irene Sharaff Awards

Young Master Award 2019

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Video Link

Story Link

New york times


Dance Review of Court Garden

A Spectacle Not Meant for

Just Watching COURT GARDEN

Those walls, making way for masked figures in glittering black and gold bodysuits. This fabulous head-to-toe armor by Miodrag Guberinic seemed tailored for battle as much as for dance, as did Stephan Moore’s


Director/Choreographer: Yanira Castro

Poster: Jose Espaillat


Story LINK






Crafts Artisan Miodrag Guberinic

Madonna's opening look leather shoulder piece, 

Iconic female helmets, masks and

shoulder pieces for all dancers.


Specialty crafts: Mike Tyson Mask - Iconic opening video for the concert.

Halo, and Crown of thorns

worn by dancers Marvin and

Miho for Holy water.



New York Times

The Other Mozart


Perched atop it, as sculptural and constricting as a birdcage, is a corset attached to panniers

(designed by Miodrag Guberinic),

hoops that widen the silhouette at the hips.


  "Strikingly beautiful." - New York Times

   "A gem of a show." - The Stage (London)


DRAMA DESK and Off-Broadway

Alliance Award nominations

New York Innovative Theatre Awards:

     Outstanding Solo Performance
     Outstanding Original Music

Story LINK

Playbill Review

Little Shop of Horrors


“We've decided to bring the infamous plant to life, not with a puppet, but with a fabulous, lip-synching drag queen onstage (Everett) and a powerhouse, female, actor-singer offstage (Parham). Designed by Miodrag Guberinic.

Story LINK



The art comes first


World of Wearable Art Winner

Story Link




Otherworldly Fashion Book

By Theo-Mass Lexileictous & Gestalten


Neon Necklace

Model: Shar Tutu 

Photographer: Jose Espaillat

Makeup Artist: Candice Crawford 


XEX Magazine

Costumes For Ballet Dancers


Photographer Mike Ruiz 

Grooming: Auralis Flores

Story LINK




Gmaro Magazine


Cover Story

Chest Piece, Necklace, Headpiece


Photo: Jose Espaillat

Model: Ashton @ State Management 

Stylist: Zhen

MUA: Cherie

Stylist Assistant: Cameron






Charles Harbison Collection

featuring gloves created in

collaboration with Miodrag Guberinic


Story LINK



CYBR Magazine

Cover Story

Corset and Neck Piece

Photographer: Avine

Stylist: Alisa Gagarina

Hair Stylist: Lisa B

Makeup Artist: Einatdan

Model: Olga


Headgear and armor of "Iconic"  

work of the artists from Serbia. 

Story LINK

013 Info-Serbia


The success rate - from Pancevo to New York.


Interview with Designer

and Artisan Miodrag Guberinic.


Story LINK


Elizabeth Avedon Journal


An Interview with Miodrag Guberinic​

Story LINK

Cultural Diary


Cultural Diary presents designer Miodrag Guberinić, from Belgrade, who lives and works in New York.​


Story LINK






OFF OFF Online

Hades Show Review


Miodrag Guberinic's costumes, notably Hades' sumptuous leather cloak and bullet-studded patent leather hat and Demeter's full-body black veil, looked delightful on the performers' bodies. S

Story LINK






Broadway World

Kim David Smith to Bring Electro-Weimar Concert


Corset and Harness


Photo: Jose Espaillat

Story LINK






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